Saturday, April 21, 2007


More on the Mk 1 AEM extruder

A few days ago someone asked me for more detail about how the Mk 1 AEM extruder goes together. I'm a little hesitant to say a lot because it's not really finished in any meaningful sense. All the same, some more pictures and description would probably be useful. As I'd said before the Mk 1 AEM is basically a RepRap Mk 2 with some hacks and upgrades that I fancy are a bit easier to do and which enable it to pump HDPE at 150-200 degrees Celsius rather than CAPA at 80-100.

One of the problems that I faced in building up the Mk 2 kit that Adrian sent along so long ago was that I had worn out the gearmotor that he was kind enough to send along with it. While I was able to slot in a Solarbotics GM2 into the mounting the drive shaft of the GM2 was both shorter and more robust that that of the gearmotor it replaced. I tried to alter the coupling to accomodate the GM2 and ruined it in the attempt.

As well, I did not have ready access to M5 studding and had to replace it with 1/4-20 American threaded rod. Finally, I didn't really have the skill to mill down the threaded rod to seat properly in the bushings that I needed to make. In order to get around these challenges I adapted an early design that Vik Olivier had sketched out.

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