Thursday, April 12, 2007


A little better all the time...

I tightened up a few parameters and brought the x-axis drift down some more.

It's drifting to the left (-x) about 2.25 mm now in 20 layers. Fortunately, I can see that on the absolute positioning system measurements out of the firmware but I'm not quite sure how it's happening, though. At least I can measure it. That is infinitely better than what I had before.

The "blobbing" at the corners is largely happening because I'm stopping the extruder head there for an appreciable amount of time and melting down the corners. I'm going to comment out the 200 millisecond pause at the end of each extrusion segment and see if that helps.

link to firmware source code plz?

I'll give it a shot.
Give me a little while on this.

Vik said yesterday that he'd had a similar problem with Zaphod and that it was ultimately a hardware problem.

I want to check to see if the shaft encoder magnet isn't slipping on the x-axis shaft before I put anybody to the problem of picking through my horrible code.

First off, are you just going to look at it or do you have the Oshonsoft IDE to actually play with it?
Okay, here it is get it at the bottom of the page under Downloads

It's a zip with all the software and hardware in it.
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