Thursday, April 26, 2007


Had some 16f648's laying around, so I used em..

I thought I had some free samples laying around and they were 16f648a's instead of 16f628a's. Since I'm getting ready to potentially mess one up with my reprap pic programmer (coming soon TM) I thought, why not use one of those. Then I had another thought, how about just programming it with my test firmware and see if it blows a circuit or something. Well no smoke. I was able to actually communicate with it. It seems to run my firmware. I was thinking that it was running it more slowly but I didn't set the speed to 255, so it may be functioning 100 percent in place of my 16f628a (as far as I'm using it with the programmer anyways). Just thought I'd post this and see if this surprises anyone. I was :) Oh, I just checked, set speed back up and ran it again. Looks like a go!

All a 16F648 is is a 16F628 with double the memory. Should work fine.
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