Saturday, April 14, 2007


Getting started...

This is my (David McNeill) intro, and first blog post. I've recently read about Rep Rap, and am really excited by the possibilities. I came across Rep Rap while surfing on Open Source Hardware. I live in rural Franklin district, just south of Auckland, NZ. I've got strong skills in computers, Linux, software development. I've also got lots of spare computer and printer parts, a reasonable metal workshop, plenty of space, and no time.

So I'm going to build one! This is a real project to fire the imagination, and also to draw together many skills and resources that computer people have. Being open source is excellent, it just feels right. I've decided to build a Rep Rap 1.x, rather than a Rep Strap, since I want to build on the shoulders of others, and contribute what I find to the overall project, and to help make 2.0 better. Along the way I'll learn about all the associated technologies, and discover opportunities for using Rep Rap for useful things.

I've had a reply email from Adrian, so that's a good sign, the project is approachable and inclusive. And there's a few rapper's in NZ already, so that's good too.

So far I've read lots of web pages, downloaded (checkout) the plans with subversion, installed Art of Illusion (lot to learn in this package), had a look at how to install KiCad. My server is Kubuntu Dapper, and this workstation is Kubuntu Edgy. My assorted MS Windows PCs have been banished to VMWare jail, where they belong. KiCad is in Fiesty repositories, but that's not out yet, so I'll have to install manually.

Looking at the various posts it seems Rep Raps & Straps create a fairly big tangle on your workbench, look delicate, and need precise measurements. So I've decided to build a dedicated work space and trolley for it first. I've named it Rep Rap Roller (RrR). I can have all the gear together, and wheel it out of the way when stuck. Attached is my first rough drawing of what it might look like. I'll have to learn KiCad & AoI to make a proper drawing of it. I'll make it out of welded angle iron and plywood I've got lying around.

Until the bench is ready I'll be reading more, learning and preparing, and looking at material lists. I'm really looking forward to this project, something interesting, creative, inspiring and exciting!


Hey David! Welcome to the party! :-D
Welcome David. Your thoughts resound within me as well as within others here I'm sure. Glad to have you. And technically, if you aren't making your parts with a previous reprap, you're repstrapping like the rest of us :)
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