Thursday, April 12, 2007


Gearmotors for Tommelise 2.0 arrive

I've been designing Tommelise 2.0 and have got to the point where I've been ordering parts. The gearmotors for her have just arrived from Solarbotics. They are GM2's with a 224:1 gear ratio and 12v motors. That's great for the the Mk 1 AEM (ambient extrusion modelling) extruder. A simple gear hack changes the ratio to 14:1 which, I hope, will have enough torque to let me extrude at a maximum speed of 15 mm/sec.

The price for the motors? US$ 22.00. Eat your heart out stepper motor people! :-)

I'm designing Tommelise 2.0 to have a large enough working volume to print all of its own parts.

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