Monday, April 09, 2007


Fix that drift!

I thought I'd throw these in just for fun. I have an x-axis drift that I'm pretty sure is in the firmware. I haven't been working on that problem but have been working with the flow rate and temperature of the extruder instead. This morning just for the hell of it I decided to see if I could stack 20 layers. Indeed, I can.

What's amazing about this is the tensile strength of the HDPE laid down in this slipshod manner. There is only a single thread of 0.8 mm HDPE making up that perimeter and the +/- ends of the x side of the print are sort of dare-me-and-I-do.

In spite of that I can NOT tear that flimsy looking thing apart with my hands. Mind, I have very strong hands, too.

Anyway, nothing serious. Just thought you all might like a laugh and a look at what REAL R&D looks like most times. :-D

What is the overhang angle? It looks slightly over 45° at the bottom of the part.
Yeah, so? It wasn't intentional. It was x-axis drift that caused that.

But yeah, it was about 45 degrees, give or take a little bit.

I'm a little underwhelmed at present with the whole "we can make 45 degree overhangs" notion. I might change my mind when I've had about another 100 hours of printing exercises. :-)
One thing that is really encouraging is the strength you're getting with HDPE and we're getting with CAPA - both seem a lot tougher than the parts produced by commercial FDM machines.
yup, the trick of being able to produce shot glasses that don't leak really impressed them at ETech, too! :-D

Apparently, you can't do that with a Stratasys.
Wow, already outperforming the industry standard on alcoholic beverage containers. Gotta like that.
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