Friday, April 13, 2007


Don't go real fast, but I go pretty far...

I'm in the process of hammering down the software/firmware/hardware interface on Tommelise to where things are becoming routine rather than amazing. Putting down a HDPE pad seems to be the way to go for now for printing on Tommelise. I don't get peeling when I do that.

Here is a YouTube clip of Tommelise 1.0 putting the pad down on the foamboard.

It's hilarious that it's taking as long to get Tommelise to print something as it did to build it. I should have known that from previous experience, I know, but it always comes as a shock to find how difficult it is to get a built system to actually perform as opposed to just look nice.

I've got the square perimeter sealing well enough to hold water on a routine basis now. The drift problem has also become a tithe of what it was. That, of course, happened after I went to considerable trouble in the Control Panel software to record all of the feedback from the PIC that drives Tommelise onto a hard file that I could browse at my leisure.

Here is a YouTube videoclip of Tommelise 1.0 building the cube perimeter.

Anyway, I've got to take a closer look on how I'm handling corners on that cube. The extruder is both putting down too much plastic there and hanging around too long thus causing a problem with the corners becoming a bit melted.


Its looking real nice Forrest. Is the spacing now optimal in some way? I wonder how close close is when you lay flows of stuff :)
The spacing is still something that I'm working at getting right.
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