Saturday, April 21, 2007


Doing a maintenance breakdown on the Mk 1 AEM extruder

Over the past few days I'd noticed that it was getting harder and harder to get the Mk 1 extruder to start pumping HDPE. I'd also noticed that the gap (at the top of the polymer pump between it and the filament guide was almost closed (gap indicated with red arrow). This is where most of the force is applied to the filament.

To my knowledge about the only way that that could happen was for the brass bushing (circled in blue) that keeps the threaded rod that does the pumping in place to have been taking some wear.

I've reported before seeing a black dust that might have been brass powder in the top of the polymer pump. When I broke down the polymer pump and removed the brass bushing I knew for sure then exactly where it was coming from.

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