Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Cracked the perimeter mismatch problem!

Once I corrected for the overshoot I did some counting and calculating and discovered that the number of pulses being recorded for the perimeters was the same whether I described the perimeters in a bunch of short lines or a few long ones. The only problem with that was that the perimeters made of short lines were much bigger, 40% bigger than the ones made with long lines.

There was only one possible explanation for that. Some pulses weren't getting counted. I hypothesised that perhaps I was turning off the interrupt monitoring too fast when I got to the end of a line extrusion. Instead of rewriting all the code to leave it on a lot longer I decided to back into the number of pulses that had to be missing. The number turned out to be about 30. I substituted that number for the overshoot estimate and then tried to print the first layer of the shot glass.

Bingo! The perimeter mismatch went away. That was the problem. Thank you Lord for watching over this retarded person.

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