Thursday, April 12, 2007


Can a shot glass be far behind?

I discovered that the shaft encoder magnet on the x-axis was not glued to the end of the shaft but only stayed there through the magnetic attraction of the encoder magnet to the steel rod. I glued the magnet back on and then ran another raft and square perimeter exercise.

While the resulting 20 layer square perimeter still had a drift, to the +x (right) this time, it was pretty continuous and the + and - x walls to the square perimeter were solid. The square and raft assembly was also rigid.

I looked at it a while and then got to wondering if it was also waterproof.

I poured some water into it and ... it was.

The Tommelise Mk 1 AEM extruder can make waterproof vessels in HDPE.

So at least some of the drift was due to magnet slippage? There's a debugging nightmare.
You sure got that right. :-s
Well done, now you can recycle milk bottles and turn them into ... milk bottles ;-)
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