Saturday, March 10, 2007


Taking my best shot

I spent a good deal of time today testing Tommelise and making sure that everything was in working order. I shut her down three weeks ago to work on Slice and Dice. I'd had a bit of trouble with her just before I shut her down in that the x-axis had got cranky. It was odd because I could measure the x-axis, which meant that then shaft encoder was operational, but when I tried to run it in concert with the y-axis it was no go. It turned out that one of the solder joints on one of the filament connectors on the shaft encoder had broken. I put that right and it appears that things work properly now.

Scaling on Slice and Dice leaves a bit to be desired, but its conversion of STL files to an XML transfer file that Tommelise's control panel can use to generate print commands is good enough to use. I was going to start trying to print a set of Mk 2 parts till I realised that the aoi files that I have include that cute little RepRap logo. With that there, I need a support structure extruder, something I haven't got just yet. I'll need to remake the Mk 2 parts kit without the RepRap logo and do something about those horizontal mounting holes as well so that I can make it without having to get a support extruder working first. I'm tired of making bits and pieces. I'm ready to do some printing!

In any case, I decided that I'd try to do a shot glass like Vik, Adrian and Ed have done first, that having got to be a bit of an instant tradition. Theirs was too tiny for somebody who spent years in Sweden and who also belonged to a shooting club chock full of ex-Rhodesian Light Infantry types in South Africa. Boy those guys could drink! So, I made up my own in Art of Illusion...

And cranked it out as an STL file, then used Slice and Dice to turn it into XML. It's still a bit small for what you got in South African pubs, but it will do for now.

Now comes the grind of getting Tommelise to print something useful.

Well good luck mate! How tall is it? And what will your poison be? :)
Macallan's 12 year old single malt.
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