Sunday, March 11, 2007


Sorting out quarrels

I spent the weekend trying to get the Tommelise Control Panel and Tommelise to talk to each other. Punching buttons on a PC program that feed control commands to Tommelise a command at a time is one thing. I'm finding that writing a program to automatically feed a control command to Tommelise and be sure not to feed her another one till she's finished with the last one and ready to do another is a different sort of challenge.

Right now I've got the Control Panel and Tommelise exchanging information about half a dozen times before they get out of sync and both start talking at the same time. They then fall into quarreling and the serial link overloads on the PIC chip side.

Needless to say, I didn't get that shot glass printed. I'm currently writing a stronger handshaking protocol than I had before which, I hope, should sort out most of the problems.

Good luck, that's important. I've been learning about the Snap protocol and I've used SnapLab to send packets and gotten receive packets. Taking the next step and getting a useful exerciser is a bit of a challenge. But I keep learning and that is a nice side benefit of this project. All the learning. :) The link to the pic is too long but this is my (seldom used) blog.
I just got it fixed. It's working like a dream now. Little noisy, though. :-p
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