Thursday, March 08, 2007


Slice and Dice operational

After a few hours of code cleaning that improved execution speed by a magnitude, last night I ran several full-bore tests of the Slice and Dice routine for Tommelise. The tests created full .tml files for use with the Tommelise Control Panel that drives Tommelise from a Wintel PC.

The tests used .stl files of the gearmotor coupling and the polymer pump taken from the Art of Illusion 3D design specification for the RepRap Thermoplast Extruder Mk2 Thermoplast Extruder.

The .tml file for the gearmotor coupling was about .75 megabytes while the polymer pump's .tml file weighed in at 3.4 megabytes.

The next task is to upgrade Tommelise's Control Panel to read a .tml file and create timed control commands to the 3D printer enabling it to create that object. Since the Control Panel already has a full set of tested commands running the 3D printer this task is not seen to be a major one.

Nice going! I've been looking into installing Linux on a couple of old computers. I hope I'll get it working on one of them! If not, stuff could run on a PC I've got...

BTW, got stuff in the mail, thanks! :)
I was just about to email you about that. Now I know the address works I'll send the other bit.
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