Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Slice and Dice is ready to roll

Slice and Dice is now back to being able to do slices layer by layer for a whole object and create an output file that the Tommelise driver program can work with.

I shifted over the graphics output of Slice and Dice to bitmaps. Bitmaps are a little less sassy to deal with than simply drawing directly onto a form like I had been before. The overall effect has been to make the processes more robust.

I've also pretty much solided up what Slice and Dice's output file format looks like. Here is a copy/paste of one done for a layer of the little gearmotor coupling in Tommelise's Mk 1.0 FDM extruder.

Hmmm... LOL! Well, it appears that my file format looked a little too much like HTML for the blogspot software to be very happy with it. Oh well, if you want to see what the file looks like you can take a peek here.

I've got to collect those cross-hatched "furrows" so that Tommelise goes from the end of one to the beginning of the closest next one instead of all over the show as it does now. That just requires a bit of post-processing, however. I'm not going to try to do that on the fly.

is that xml? it would be a good format for this data, but that file would need some serious cleaning up. coming from a web guy who deals with gnarly xml all the time... if i had to parse this file i would probably go up to the roof and jump off ;)
It's XML-ish. I'm formatting it off the top of my head as I code right now. Maybe at some point some high roller like yourself will spend a little time advising me on how to tame down the messiness. First let me get it running at all, though. :-D
sure. basically, some of the xml was not well formed. also, there were 2 values in the data part. these should be attributes or separate tags. i would suggest moving to a simplified structure also.

the first link here is just a basic conversion to xml:


the second link here is how i would suggest doing it. realistically theres not much difference between boundaries and cross hatching... its just a path the extrusion head travels. i combined the two and its pretty simple.


finally, here is one where you could incorporate different materials, heads, etc.


i didnt mean to offend... just that this file format is pretty important and it would be worth it to get it right off the bat. it would be nice to be able to share at least the file format between the projects =)
You didn't offend at all. It would be nice to get the formatting conventions right before too much coding depends on the way they are now.

I'll be looking very closely at those links you suggest and getting back to you with more questions.
I looked at your links. That looks very good. I think I will be using that.
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