Monday, March 12, 2007


Full layer print dry run

I pulled out the first layer from the Mk 2 polymer pump, the bit with RepRap and the green drop logo on it and did a dry run on Tommelise with the extruder turned off. The Control Panel/Tommelise handshaking and data transfer worked without a hiccough. I can now see what I have to do to tweak the firmware to make it responsive to the very short little extrusion segments that the RepRap and teardrop, never mind the perimeters for the holes for the bolts that go through it.

The polymer pump was a nice test because of that distinctive "T" shape it has. You can see that being traced. The cross-hatching was also easy to visualise as the extruder head made its moves. I'm going to upgrade the firmware to account for overshoots internally rather than trying to take the data that the firmware sends back to the PC and have the PC make sense of it. I want the serial comms line loading to be as light as possible. Mind, it hardly occupies any CPU resources on my workstation as it is.

Onward and upward. :-)

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