Thursday, February 01, 2007


Where is everybody?

I notice that with this shift over to Google now owning Blogspot and their BS with accounts and passwords that we've lost better than half of our reprappers.

Did you guys just leave, or are you having trouble figuring out how to get back into the reprappers blog?

Please comment!

I just moved over the other day. I first noticed my name was gone from list and thought, I had been removed. But then I found out after looking at my blogspot, I just had to upgrade. When others find out, they can migrate too. :)
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Anyone having trouble migrating - please email me ( Sorry - I should have posted a blog entry saying I was about to do the switch when I did it.
No trouble, just been a bit easy with other lingering projects and such. Still following the group though
Actually, I'm having fewer problems. I migrated my account about a month ago and trying to post or comment on a non-migrated blog was a bit of a pain. Seemed like I had to log in twice every time I wanted to comment. Much better now.
I've gotten busy with work... ran into some kinks with the Z axis (though I think I've got a solution)... and I'm a little fearful of the extruder head itself... :)
Let's see if this works...
Ah-ha! It worked!

Only took half an hour of strange password tango. ;) It no longer wanted my old password, it was too weak! Hey, don't bug me, "google" was an easy password to remember!

Lord Cat, I think Plaas is referring to the list of reprappers, the people who can start new topics in this blog.
I'm not dead! Just resting. Google will make all interested persons migrate, I think. They won't even let me log into pure Blogger anymore.
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