Saturday, February 03, 2007


We've got a forum!

Hey all! I've been tinkering for a while on a forum:
Please log in and try it. If people like it, we will take it live. We'll point a different domain name at it of course.

The forum is using the software "ploneboard", and the site is running plone, a Content Management Solution. We should be able to use plone to build a website to hold our documentation and 3D files, and also hold user-submitted documentation and files. This is the "Parts Library" we've talked about occasionally.

This would replace what's currently at
and what's at

That will be later. Right now, please let us know what you of the new forum.


i like the forum...

however i dont like the idea of replacing the wiki that is the main reprap site... we've got a TON of stuff built up there and it will be a royal PITA to move everything over to a new system with new formatting.

but having forums is pretty sweet.
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