Thursday, February 08, 2007


Website Traffic....

Just a short note. When I set up the Tommelise website I didn't get an expensive enough hosting contract to deserve site statistics software, so I wrote my own in VB.NET 2005. It eats log files and tells you how many unique visitors to your website you've had over a given time frame. It also tells you where the visitors are from geographically. The nice part is that it automatically ignores my visits. That was easy to write into the code. I'll be expanding it before too long to give me counts on which page visits by frequency so that I can tell what parts of my site are getting traffic.

So far the AdSense statistics are giving me a fair notion of how many pages are getting visited, though not which ones yet.

It's not sexy software, but it works fine. If anybody wants the code let me know and I'll email you a copy.


why dont you put up google analytics? the stats are way better than anything you will whip up, its free, and then you'll have more time for reprap =)
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LOL! Oh hell, it only took me a half an hour to write it.

Good suggestion, though. I tend to program in lieu of searching for solutions too often for my own good. :-)
Wow! I tried Google Analytics. That's awesome! :-o
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