Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Tommelise in shakedown

I've managed to successfully move most of the firmware modules over to the new controller board on Tommelise. I've got to rewrite the moveto routine for the z-axis so that it doesn't overrun it's target position. When overrunning means crashing into the xy positioning table it gets to be a serious matter.

At the present rate of certification of functions that I'm going through I expect that I'll be attempting to extude something meaningful by Friday night or Saturday. I'll probably stick to HPP and HDPE for initial tests mostly because I have cut lengths of both which are good for experimentation and moving from one to another isn't a big deal for the extruder barrel. Right now I have about a pound of continuous filament CAPA, one and a half pounds of continuous filament HDPE and about two and a half pounds of continuous filament ABS.

From what I know at the moment I will most likely have to build a separate extruder head for CAPA mostly because it melts at such a low temperature that I can't purge HPP or HDPE with it. Oddly enough, ABS which melts at about 105 degrees C., HPP and HDPE can be used interchangably in the same extruder barrel.

I will be interested in looking at PVC as a CAPA substitute. While CAPA melts at 60 degrees Celsius, PVC melts at 80. It is going to be a lot of fun finding out which polymers are going to be most useful in specific applications.

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