Tuesday, February 20, 2007


powercomms board: begin!

i drilled and soldered my first board ever, and my first reprap board ever all in one fell swoop. its not completely done yet, but i think i may have done so successfully. within a very loose definition of success. ;) you see, i broke 4 drill bits while drilling and had a bit of trouble soldering certain parts (power and communications) but its okay because the led at least lit up. anyway, here is a gratuitous amount of pictures.

Wow, cool, a first try! :) So you etched your own board, eh! Nice, I want to see if that thing works! :)
Damn! I'm jealous! When I get a minute I guess I'm going to see about designing a sweet layout like that for Tommelise's controller board. I want to shift it over to USB first, though.
Hmm... interesting. It appears that you soldered your components on the copper side of the board, rather than sticking the leads thru so you wouldn't be jousting with the components themselves (just their leads).

This would have been necessary for surface mount components, but was wondering if there is an advantage to doing it this other way? Did you have many problems with components getting in the way of your iron?
i'm pretty sure that some of the components needed to be soldered this way. since the holes arent through plated, they have to be soldered on a certain side. i'm still a bit hazy on this and i just guessed...

with components with long legs it was fine, the ones i had the most trouble with were the power / signal connectors! (note the signal connector soldered with a big iron burn and the other one soldered in upside down...)
>> since the holes arent through plated

This is confusing me...

You wouldn't solder on the side without the copper, you would only stick the component leads thru the hole, turn the board over, then solder the wire that is now sticking up thru the board to the copper that is also on that side of the board.

Am I missing something here?

See for example the image at http://www.chaneyelectronics.com/images/SolderTechniqes.jpg
Oops. Looks like it cut off the name. The specific image name is SolderTechniqes.jpg at the web site noted above.
well, the thing is that its a 2 sided board... and some parts need to be soldered onto the component, some need to be soldered onto the copper side. its a bit confusing but we're working on single sided boards.

that being said, we're probably going to end up using double sided boards for a while.
Very nice looking etch for a first try. My first tries never looked like this, or my 99th tries for that matter. Was this done with photoresist?
nope, this was done with toner transfer. it was actually one of the better boards i used. i've added alot of notes to the wiki about how i did it.

basically it all comes down to getting the right paper. that and getting the right etch setup. once my etch tank gets here i'll really be in good shape.
It's so beautiful.
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