Friday, February 02, 2007


Another step..

Got the pic programmer constructed and working. I was concerned because of some changes that I made. Like using a 12v zener rather than an 8 added to the 5. But that made it possible to make it with parts just from Radio Shack. And I was checking out the "9-pin" connector numbers when I noticed that it was a 25 pin connector. I found this and that with other rs-232 references helped me identify the pins to use. On the diagram referenced, the connector shows the right connections for 1-5 but the rest of the pins should continue counter clockwise (widdershins) 6-7-8-9. I was able to program the extractor.hex file. I programmed it. Read it. Erased it and then re-programmed it. All done :) Looks like i have to order my 754410's on order since I already have my stepper motors. The picture is blurry because its a crummy webcam. But it helps hide the poor layout with wires all over. I'll get the good cam for anything important, like shot glasses and stuff.

Bart, you've got 754410's running steppers? Which schematic are you using?
Haven't gotten that far yet the circuit is
That's terrific that the PIC programmer works! Especially with an easier-to-get 12V zener. What kind of transistors did you use? If it'll work with 2n2222's or 2n3904's, even better.
Yup Tyler, 2n2222. Nothing fancy. And remember that you need to seperate the line now. The 5 volt is independant from the 12, well actually 12.7 I have an extra diode for the extra voltage drop. Visually speaking, cut the line between the zeners and bring the (now 12 v) zener to ground. Actually you have to stick the extra diode in series with the zener pointing the opposite direction of the 12 v zener. If you want I can post a modified sketch. I think you can figure it out from my instructions here though.
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