Friday, February 23, 2007


ABS and HDPE Filament Group Buy.

I'm going to be ordering 3 MM ABS and UHMW plastic rod from Jim at New Image Plastics Manufacturing. I am organizing this as a group buy. Jim will be cutting up the plastic into 5lb sections, and shipping that out to people who have ordered it through me.

UHMW is 3.75/lb. 5lb costs USD$18.75.
ABS is 5.24/lb. 5lb costs USD$26.20.

Please note that 5lb is the minimum size order Jim (and I) are willing to process.

Shipping is via UPS, or USPS for Canadians.
This is UPS's shipping calculator:
2411 S. Locust Street
Canal Fulton, OH 44614

So, if you want n * 5lb of ABS or UHMW, please contact me through my email, penguin at ihatespamtoo dot supermeta dot com* , and we'll sort out payment. I hope everyone is comfortable with paypal. I'll be phoning in the order Monday afternoon.

* Delete "ihatespamtoo" and format appropriately.

Please note that I've successfully run HDPE in the Mk 2.1, not UHMW. That's not to say that it won't work, but I haven't done it.

As well, I've had difficulty getting ABS to extrude consistently with the Mk 2.1.

I'm pretty sure, given a bit more time for tweaking and perhaps a more sturdily built polymer pump on the extruder and I will be able to get ABS to perform properly. It certainly makes a fine extrusion filament thread.

I'm sticking to HDPE for this round of testing, however.
Thank you for pointing that out, Forrest.

Please also contact me if you are _interested_ in getting some HDPE, and I'll will see about ordering some of that.

Normal HDPE is _not_ part of this order, but if people want I'll set up an order for it next week, after I get a price quote from Jim.
I think you'll find that it's about $3.75/lb, too.
Sebastien, I've attempted to send you and email, as I'd like some ABS. Just not sure if it got through okay!

Yahoo went funny on me...

I received your email, and have replied to it.

Let me know via this forum if we don't connect via email.
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