Friday, January 12, 2007


X axis shapes up

I finally got my shipment of linear bearings (aka drawer slides) and they are pretty nice. I think they will work =) I attached them to the x slide table (gantry?) and made sure they were parallel. now that they are secure, i realize a couple mistakes i made. first off, i didnt think to check the width and now the width is not quite the same as the table. i have to make insets for them to mount on.

unfortunately, my power drill broke, so i decided to wait until i can get a new one to proceed. in the meantime, i cut some boards for mounting when the time comes. it did however, give me a chance to mull over the process so far. here are a few things that have struck me:

this would be alot easier if there was a standard plan. measurements, lists, etc. i understand this is repstrap which basically means forging your own way, but once this is over, i would love to draft out improved plans for creating this device. that would make things so much easier.

1. look at the plans, cut all your boards to length in one go
2. drill holes at correct places
3. assemble pieces according to order.

i would love it if someday this thing were as easy to put together as ikea flatpack furniture. that would assuredly rock.

pictures here

Well, I totally agree that people need a good set of drawings and dimensions to make a good job of putting a bootstrap printer together. I've been working on one for Tommelise.

The only problem with doing it all at one go is that real people don't get all the measurements right and the holes in exactly the right places first time or, with me, even the fifth or sixth time out.

Because of that, we also need, when we design, to try to make our bootstrap designs a bit forgiving of boo boo's and people with both hands full of thumbs. :-D
technically, this one I'm documenting is my 3rd. So yeah, don't be disappointed. Drawer slides are a lot easier to reposition than slide-rods, believe me.

mothra was a diseased insect back then

I do like the 'ikea' idea. Anybody know of companies that will carve/lasercut wood to spec for things like drawers? If cheap enough, we'd have a good source for exact repstrap parts that only need a few screws, glue, and slides.

That kind of thing would really scale, considering the cheapest commercial prototyper is on the order of $2000.
"That kind of thing would really scale, considering the cheapest commercial prototyper is on the order of $2000."

Which is?
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