Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Upgrading the Mk 2.1 test board...

My jaw has recovered sufficiently from the bone graft so that I felt inclined to do a little light soldering this evening. I decided to add a dual Darlington 754410 chip to the Mk 2.1 test board in order to allow the testing of the polymer pump gearmotor and the heated extruder barrel as an ensemble rather than trying to get the whole thing to work off of the main board along with all the software that I already have working there. It seemed simpler.

I've set the board up to feed 12v power into the gearmotor instead of 6v. That will make it run faster, but I will also get a lot more torque using the 12v Solarbotics motors and the use of shaft encoder monitored pseudostepping will let me run the motor at extremely low speeds will full torque.

I'm still not feeling tip-top so I'm not going to try doing any copper braising tonight.

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