Thursday, January 04, 2007


Repstrap Howto, '4x4 construction plans, part 1'

Here's part 1 of what will probably be a 4 part series. Hopefully these will be simple enough to become standard repstrap plans.

I'm calling it '4x4', and the only wood needed is 1x4 lumber and 4'x4'x1/8" sheet lumber (oak).

Everything is documented, photographed, and explained as well as I can.

File is in MSWord .doc form and is 2.4Mb in size.

Here's the link:
4x4 Plans, Part 1

I'll be posting parts 2-4 over time as I finish building and writing the plans. Maybe a week until part 2 is posted, depending on how busy things are.

That's it. Get repstrapping, folks :-)

Hmm, I might actually be able to build that. Have you considered posting this on instructables?
Actually, you should put it up on !

(That's what it's for.)
Brilliant plans. Instructables would host your files.
Thanks for the response. It's good to know the effort is worth something. I hope to be seeing lots of little reprap clones in the near future ;)

Anyway, I'll look into putting this on the instructables site. The format is relatively similar, anyway. Should be easier for the layperson to view, as well.

It's some good work.

Would you be interested in cross-posting it on We'll be using that as our file archive, and we need more stuff on it.
nice! thank you so much for posting this. i actually just ordered some sliding rails online last night, so once i get them its a trip to the lumber store and then i'm going to build my very own one.
Is there a Part 2?
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