Sunday, January 14, 2007


Parts fabricated for Mk II 2 amp extruder barrel...

I trekked out to my sister's house where the drill press I use lives and made up the parts for the 2 amp extruder barrel and PTFE thermal barrier.

As you see the build of the 2 amp extruder barrel was close to what I had visualised with AoI. I extended the brass flange on the barrel and replaced the ABS clamp that Adrian supplied with another brass mounting bracket. I cut the PTFE to a 1 inch cube and kept the mounting bolts outside the block. That simplified the fabrication of the PTFE block which was already a bit of a finicky operation.

I ran short of compression springs. I'll probably run out to Orchard in the morning to pick up some more.

I'm going in for dental surgery tomorrow. I'm told there is a bone graft in the offing to repair a jaw injury sustained in my teens before I discovered that you don't give a psychotic the chance to get in the first punch. The point is that I may be a few days offline, or not, depending on how bad the surgery is.

very cool.. have all parts been copied yet?
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