Sunday, January 14, 2007


New RepRapper

Hi group. My name is Bart and I'm happy to have found RepRap and RepRappers. I am in the material acquisition and learning stage. I have most of the software and tools downloaded and installed. I have some bipolar stepper motors and pic16f628a's on order. I've been reading up on all the wonderful things done to date and I'm impressed with the project. I'm daring enough to presume that even I might be able to make a repstrap work. Maybe it will be closer to an evolving Darwin, I'm a little slow at the mechanical stuff. But it will be the journey that I will enjoy.
I use Windows XP and noticed that Eclipse uses CVS instead of Subversion. Maybe that's switchable somehow. Anybody know?
I do have a problem with AOI. It displays the splash screen and then nothing else, although the javaw is still running. I found many of them. I'll look through the faq and google and see if I can figure it out but I'm hoping someone here already knows about this. I think I saw something about drivers and this problem but I don't remember where. There is so much to see and read out there.

Welcome on board Bart.

On AoI.

1) Did you install Java?

2) Does your PC have an Ati graphics card. If it does disable OpenGL.

If these things don't held get on the AoI forums and scream for help. Eastman, who wrote AoI is very helpful.
I just didn't look hard enough. There is a Subclipse Subversion plugin for Eclipse

For the next person.. ;)

And after searching for a bit I found that uninstalling AOI and reinstalling without selecting Jogl worked. Yes!!.. (clenches fist and pulls elbow down and arching forward)
cool - was having some problems with aol myself.. hope that'll fix it for me when i get around to playn with it again. someone feel like making a dummy's step by step manual of this thing? :P
i am also a windows fan.
but sadly i donot have experience in java or eclipse. but i sure do want to build a reprap. Can u provide me with instructions for installing the softwares in windows ?? I tried following it frm repraps pages but I lost it somewhere.
Hope u can answer me
thanks a lot
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