Tuesday, January 09, 2007


new reprapper!

Howdy all. I'm Buzz.
Over the last few days I've read very intently pretty much every single page in the reprap wiki, most of them more than once... and I decided to start building a reprap/strap. I'd like to blog the build process for the benefit of others! I started 3 days ago, and I now have: * the "stripboard" comms controller fully working* my first (X) axis unipolar stepper controller built and working (buggy, but the stepper turns some of the time!) - also made as a "stripboard version".* all my stepper motors, and about a dozen spares of assorted sizes(been collecting them for a while)* a lot of old printer hardware (rails, belts, etc) that has been stripped down in preparation for "the build".* all the software installed and running in an existing linux server I also use for my http://www.mythtv.org/ tv server.

Here's a few pics:
(small square board is my max232 based comms board)
(retangular board is the X -axis stepper board)
(a pic of the two of them wired to a small stepper)
(some of my gutted printer rails with beefy steppers - I have 3 of these!, two shown)

welcome! good luck on your build and keep posting =)
Looks great buzz!
(buggy, but the stepper turns some of the time!)

Check the wiring to make sure you've got all the wires hooked up properly...

One thing I found that was innaccurate on the original unipolar controller was that pin 5 of the motor had no power... on my 6 pin unipolar motors, both pins 5 and 6 required the 12v feed.... (my 5pin unipoars only have one 12v feed) If that doesn't help, make sure you've got all four drive wires hooked up correctly (my new 5pin motors didn't match up as I was expecting, and I had to spend a few minutes swapping wires around until I got the right combination)
Wow, you work fast! I'm still playing with PICs and waiting for parts. :) Those old printer axes(axiseses? axen?) appealed to me but I could never find enough of them.
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