Thursday, January 25, 2007


A new blog for machine vision...

As you all know I got into RepRap because I needed a RepRap machine for other things I wanted to make. Chief amongst those is a telepresence 'bot. As a midway point for that I plan to make a flexible pick and place machine with the ability to see what it is trying to manipulate. That should give me experience both in working with machine vision and manipulators that I need to make a telepresence 'bot.

I'm within a few months, I think, of having a working RepRap machine. I plan on improving Tommelise incrementally after that unless there are major operational issues with it. I plan on running it pretty much 24x7 afterwards to make things not only to improve Tommelise but also to advance work on the telepresence stream of development I'm starting.

I've begun a new blog that I've named Cyclops to track this work here and will be opening forums for others wanting to get involved. Drop by when you have time.

I would recommend contact Oxford Sensor Technology for teh machine vision system. They have a very flexible approach and can supply all types of systems.
Cool! Thanks for the heads up!
If you're interested in telepresence you might want to take a look at this site:
I'm auditing a class on Computer Vision.

The lecture notes are here:

and we're using a standard textbook
"Introductory Techniques for 3-D Computer Vision", by Trucco and Verri.
ISBN: 0132611082
The book's not cheap, but interlibrary loan should have it.
I'm actually looking at something a bit simpler than classic Jake Aggarwal approach that he confected at UTexas back in the 1960's. A buddy of mine got his PhD in that back then and says it hasn't changed much since then.

I'm looking to leverage the active scanning approach that they use in Project David to do the job. I want a solution, not a career. :-)
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