Tuesday, January 02, 2007


Mk II extruder barrel test rig operational

I finished installing the Fairchild BD681 NPN Silicon Darlington Power Transistor on the test board that I built up around an old 16F628A cpu and connected it to the heater element of the Mk II extruder barrel. I'm currently testing the interface between the heater element and the control board. I'm using Pulse Width Modulation to control the amount of current getting into the heater coil.

You can see the BD681 power transistor on the board lumbered with a large heat sink that I had at hand. The MK II extruder barrel is seated in the vise at the right of the picture.

Once I am satisfied with the temperature control on the barrel I will try doing some melts of our samples of 3 mm polycapralactone filament.

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