Friday, January 05, 2007


Mk 2.1 extruder

I completed the design for the overall interface of the new, low inertia extruder barrel with the Mk II polymer pump.

It works rather well, I think.

I've basically thrown away Adrian's ABS bottom plate, which he calls the "Clamp" because it clamps onto the PTFE rod that provides the thermal barrier between the heated extrusion barrel and the ABS body of the polymer pump of the Mk II.

I've replaced the "Clamp" with the new extruder barrel which is fabricated out of 5/32 inch hard brass tubing and braised onto a 25x40 mm support plate (all in yellow). A 25x25x40 block of PTFE (pink) fits over that and is backed with another 25x40 mm support plate (also in yellow) that bolts directly onto the bottom of the Mk II polymer pump using the existing mounting holes.

This reduces the width of the overall Mk II assembly from 76 mm to 40 mm. That should, if I want, mount two of them side-by-side on the xz vertical positioning plane on Tommelise.

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