Saturday, January 06, 2007


The last two pieces of the puzzle...

For me the Holy Grail has always been to have a bootstrap specification for a 3D replicator that doesn't depend on anything having been made by an already extant replicator. With Tommelise I've just about done that. There only remains the Mk II polymer pump that is requires a material connection with a previously made replicator, viz,

I haven't attempted to make them simply because Adrian was kind enough to forward me a set of Mk II parts early this year.

Jim Wilkins, a RepRap builder faced this problem back in September of last year and solved it very straightforwardly, however.

Jim simply took the dimensions of the Mk II and made them out of a mixture of polycapralactone, medium density fiberboard and thin plywood. The result is brilliant.

wow! that is a really detailed picture. this makes me think that we definitely need a multiple machine head. seriously... that looks so easy to mill out of wood.

also, i was roaming around his site and saw the aluminum smelting page. looks imminently doable. =)
Yes, the picture is detailed and it looks like a piece of brass used for the filament drive rather than what I was dreading cutting (...shiver... "steel"). I'm starting to think that even I can do some of the mechanical stuff. I'm more the software and electronics type.
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