Friday, January 19, 2007


Documenting Tommelise...

I've just posted a concise description about how to safely use an old PC ATX power supply to run Tommelise in the "Documentation" section of the Tommelise website.

The advice is good for newbies with marginal electrical experience who are trying to build Tommelise, Darwin and other Reprapper 3D replicator homebrews.

I also carried over the a section I'd written in the RepRap FAQ about sight recognition and schematics of basic electronic components.

Finally, I've made a hard first cut at a tutorial on making the braised copper tubing extruder barrels for the Mk II.

I've tried to keep it all short and simple to avoid overwhelming newcomers. For those of you who really know their electronics please let me know if I've made any mistakes or, paraphrasing Einstein who once put it so well, written it so that it is a bit simpler than possible.

This reminds me - there is another PC PSU article on the main reprap site, only this one recommmends putting a power resistor in parallel with the 5V output, but it doesn't say why. Is this really necessary? Can a PC supply not survive switched on in a no-load condition, for some reason?
I'll have to check that. I've never read that article too closely. Simon needs to be brought in on this, too, I think because if I remember correctly he also uses a PC ATX power supply to run his homebrew repstrap.

This is something we need to get sorted out for the safety of future reprappers.
Hi Tom, went and looked and seems there are lots of options for different types of power supplies. I noticed that there was a sentence that talked about some supplies not coming on without a load.
Yes, some supplies need a load to stablize things or even to come on. I scrapped a couple thinking they were dead before reading about this!

Now I collect fat ceramic multi-watt resistors from other things for this purpose.
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