Monday, January 29, 2007


CuPro Cote - Preliminary Findings

I got a can of CuPro Cote the other day. Superficially, it looks like a tan-colored latex paint. I stirred it up and applied a thin line (roughly 1/8"x6") to a sheet of card stock. It dries to a sort of copper-colored mat finish.

I measured the resistance. In the megohms. Not good. I applied a second coat. Down to kilohms. The third coat got it down to about 10 ohms.

Odd thing: A thick coat didn't conduct any better than a thin coat but three thin coats did. Probably has something to do with how it dries.

I didn't bother trying any high-current tests. Unless the resistance can be made much lower, I doubt high current is viable.

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