Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Bloody HPP and HDPE extruded thread everywhere

I've got both HPP and HDPE extruding out of the Mk 2.1 extruder at production rates (~3.4 mm/sec currently).

I ran 500 mm of 2.9 mm HDPE filament and 750 mm of 2.9 mm HPP filament. Now I've got to tidy up the Mk 2.1 so that I can mount it on Tommelise's xz positioning table and then I can begin the long, painful process of getting it to make something useful.

Excellent! If I understand correctly, both of those materials are dishwasher safe. That opens up some interesting possibilities.
You are extruding HDPE reliably now? You are the man!!

Now, all we need to do is design the machine that turns empty milk cartons into 3mm feedstock. ;-)
That's the plan. James posting in sourceforge is making some progress with that. Needs help and encouragement.
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