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I really liked Reiyuki's start to his plan, so i went with it. I only got the bare bones of the base done, but it turned out really well. I am waiting to get my drill press before I do the end plates... I really want the drive holes to be as parallel as possible. In the meantime I'm waiting on drawer slides in the mail (i know... prolly shouldve gotten them at the store)

Oh yeah, also got my roller skate bearings and my stepper motors =)

Anyway, heres what she looks like:

More here:

Good work :)

I finished up 4x4 prototype over the weekend, with plenty of pictures to turn into detailed plans sometime soon.

The motor mount I'd made was with motors similar to the ones you have. 2 angle irons work well for mounting them.

I see you have some actual bearings with you. No big difference, you just have to drill a larger bore to attach them to the frame.
one suggestion to the design i was thinking would be to mount the boards to the side of the flat piece, that way they are all even, the whole piece is much stronger, and you can just use a regular 12x12 piece as the working surface. you'd have to make the end pieces be 14" instead of 12, but i think it would be worth it.

what do you think?
That may conflict with the YZ support, unless you added another short section of 1x4 to widen the Y axis.

I never really expected this to be followed to-the-letter, since we all have different access to materials. If you think it will work, try it out.

Lumber's pretty cheap and even if something dosen't work, you can always use the scrap to make a bookshelf or paintball sentry gun project or balance a workbench somewhere.
Nice going!

I would add the rapidprototyping tag, i.e.

Also, would you be interesting in putting the plans up on
yeah, if this approach works (which i think it will), i suggest that we make up a hardware store plan with all the stuff you need to get from the store so you can go and do it all in one run. boards, screws, nuts, bolts, etc.

also, i'll work on drawing up the plans for this in some sort of cad format with measurements and stuff as a supplement to the howto guide.
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