Saturday, December 30, 2006


Tommelise Cartesian positioning system fully operational...

I'm now getting consistent calibration readings out of the xyz axes on Tommelise well within acceptable limits (<0.1 mm). There is a little bit of superficial tidying up to do with the firmware but that's it.

This is a major milestone for me.

I've got the parts laid out to make a limits detector that can map the surface of the xy working plane so that I can create a correction table for any height variations caused by less-than-perfect wood butchering on my part. I also plan to draw a bunch of grids on the xy plane to see if there are any noticeable distortions in the positioning map. I also want to tackle the question of software corrections for backlash.

On a separate track I've got to start work on assembling a Mk II with a variety of heater barrels. I've got a tentative design which should let me achieve the higher barrel pressures necessary to extrude homopolypropylene (HPP) and high density polyethelene (HDPE).

Today, however, I'll be driving up to San Francisco to spend the afternoon with Sebastien. He and his wife flew out to spend the holidays with his mother and stepfather (if I heard him correctly). I love the drive through the Santa Cruz mountains that you need to do to get to SF. :-)

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