Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Z-axis positioning stage mounted...

I finally decided to make the z-axis positioning stage like an inverse drawer, that is to say that it slides on the outside of and surrounds the axis rather than the other way around.

It seems to work rather well so far. I made it a little large so that the wood could swell slightly when the rainy season starts. I've got some adjustable clamps planned to get rid of the small amount of play that that makes.

I've clamped the Mk II where it will ultimately be mounted on the stage for scale.

I did a few x-axis traverses with the z-axis stage on-board. The weight of it doesn't slow anything down or seem to put any undue torque requirements on the gearmotors. It does, otoh, smooth out the movement quite nicely, however.

I've been thinking about mounting a Hamamatsu P5587 limits detector next to the extruder tip at a measured distance to one side to act as a IR altimeter. :-)

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