Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Y-axis and x-axis pencil tests...

Now that I have my z-axis positioning stage installed and the Mk II clamped to it I strapped a 0.5 mm mechanical pencil to the Mk II extruder and tested the y-axis traverse for stability.

I had been worried that the xz sliding joint might not be absorbing all of the uneveness of the y-axis threaded drive rod.

A 0.5 mm lead makes a rather light mark for a digital flash camera to see. I pulled out a segment of the pic and adjusted the contract, however, so that you can see the line the traverse drew. The stray marks are from my taping the pencil onto the Mk II and the darker part of the line just to the upper right of the pencil tip is where I tried to adjust the pencil pressure with my finger.

I traversed the y-axis eight times and there was not only no wobble but the line was repeated quite faithfully. I used the thin rule out of my caliper/micrometer set and the traverse line is straight as well.

I then ran a similar test for the x-axis traverse. I got a straight line except for a little jump caused by a shift from moving in the positive to the negative directions. In that I still haven't installed the brace tabs the performance was still quite good.

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