Monday, November 27, 2006


Tommelise xy positioning stage...

My interpretation of Reiyuki's CNC gantry design appears to be very robust. I've been hammering the xy positioning stages at full speeds for a full 8 hours now and nothing has shaken loose. Given what a lashup much of the GM8/9 motor mounts are that is nothing short of a miracle. The GM8/9's are staying cool and their sound is staying the same. The control board is staying cool as well.

I'm beginning to thing that I'm going to be able to extrude some stuff with this thing. I wasn't so sure before.

I'd say the one you built is quite solid

Heck, how could it move, it looks like you put crossbraces on the main support.

I'm impressed that the encoder stuff is all working well. Definitely a robust inexpensive design. I'd be curious to know if there were any modules that you can buy that might attach to the end of the rods. Detail soldering isn't THAT difficult, but it's something I try to avoid.
***I'd be curious to know if there were any modules that you can buy that might attach to the end of the rods.***

Yeah, there are. Problem is that one of the bleeding things costs more than what I want a whole Tommelise to cost. :-s
ah, the wonderful battle between price and ease of build.

I always heard that whenever you make something it can be:
-work well.

Pick 2.
I've been sketching out some reprappable modules that would seat a AS5035 that had been hand soldered. Those would make the whole process of getting shaft encoding a lot more straightforward.

Of course, I have to get Tommelise running before I can make stuff like that. :-)
Actually, I think if you can find someone that has build something embodying two of the three variables, you can often re-build what they've done and add the third variable.

It's like each reiteration of a project can reach only two of the three goals, so two reiterations can achieve three of them.

I guess that's why my girlfriend's computer cost less than 10% my ancient (six year old) dual processor machine, and yet it renders 3D images over twice as fast.... They even have the same amount of RAM!
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