Saturday, November 18, 2006


Doing the x-axis...

I got the x-axis sliding joint working. It will be a lot less sloppy than the one on the y-axis. Here it is c-clamped to a fare-thee-well waiting for the wood glue to dry. I got a really close tolerance fit on this beast, though. I suspect that if I want I can hang two extruders off of each side of the x-axis gantry.

I had to go down and get some light spackling compound and a few sheets of sandpaper to clean up the x-axis floating joint.

It seated with less trouble than I had expected.

Here is a little video of the joint traversing the x-axis. It's awfully smooth considering there are no guide bars save the poplar boards on the top and botton to keep it straight.

It will be really nice being able to make nasty parts like this on a reprap machine instead of going through the whole glue and woodworking gambit.

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