Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Closing the loops...

After several false starts I built up a shaft encoder lashup for the x-axis.

It tested out fine. You can see the die that I use to make gearmotor couplings on top of the x-axis doing double duty with a magnet on its end for stimulating the AS5035 chip. I've started using a bit of PCB to mount things like resistors and capacitors rather than just sticking them on the mounting boards any old way. I'm doing this because I've started using two pole connectors to connect power and ground in and signal out in a more orderly way.

Here is the older y-axis encoder lashup by way of comparison.

I am beginning to get power and signals lines draping all over Tommelise. One of the first orders of business after it's operational will be bringing some order to its electrical supply and signals harness.

Now that I have encoders on both x and y axes I can do some serious controls programming for the 16F877A and start using encoder pulses rather than timing to inform the controller about the position of the xy extrusion table.

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