Friday, October 06, 2006


Tommelise x-axis underway...

I was able to salvage one of the z-axis towers from Godzilla and recycle it as an x-axis for Tommelise.

I've included a partially assembled Mk II and the GM8 for scale.

I disassembled Godzilla's x-axis and salvaged the lumber and 3/8-24 threaded rod. It turned out that the salvaged threaded rod was much straighter than the one I had in Tommelise's y-axis so I did a swap. The y-axis runs much more smoothly now.

Later on I fabricated a mockup of the z-axis mounting plane so that I could see if using the frame of the x-axis for a guide rod was going to be viable.

It is. The mounting plane will have to be deeper than shown here.

How's the wood-to-wood friction on the Y axis? Maybe some thin strips of nylon furniture feet, or even thin CAPA would cut that down?

Using guide-rods on that axis tend to have a bit of sway, so a solid wood frame was a great idea.
Milled poplar is pretty smooth and feels silky. Not much friction. In fact, nylon would probably add friction.
I've noticed sliding friction on smaller devices is not too bad, just not enough load on the surfaces. Traditional wooden drawer slides have more load, and they are waxed to help them slide better. Doesn't make any meaningful difference for small light drawers though.

The real key spot seems to be ensuring that motor torque is not wasted before it's converted into sliding movement. So smoothing/polishing the threaded rod and finding a good lubricant seems to have more impact. Anything that improves the transfer of rotation to sliding movement will help a lot to, like changing the threaded rod thread profile.
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