Sunday, October 01, 2006


Sliding thrust collar works!

It looks nasty, but it does the job. It absorbs the periodic play in the x-y plane without having to turn it into friction quite nicely.

I've got to shim the slide in the x-direction a bit more but for now it will allow me to make a CAPA replacement pretty easily. I also know how to make it better for the x-axis, though the studding rod I'm using there is very straight indeed.

I've taken a few video clips of it in operation.

In the first first clip you can see the play in the threaded drive rod. In the second clip you can see that the z-axis platform can handle some load and doesn't shake it around. The third clip gives you a feeling for how smooth the platform is moving. In this last clip you can see that the x-axis slide could use a little extra shim to cover for the fender washers. I'll design that into the CAPA replacement. It should be easier that way.

Most of the movement you see in the clips is me not holding the camera perfectly still. I do need to invest in a tripod. :-p

Got to do some billable work for a few days, after which I'll do the sliding motor mount and encoder chip block. Then I can bolt the z-axis down and go on to the x-axis. I'll be using the same techniques for the x and y axes so that should go a lot faster.

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