Monday, October 02, 2006


Mothra XY axis testing

I took apart and polished up the Y axis guide rods, and also replaced the 1" coupling nut with 2 regular nuts, hot-glued to each side of the guideway. Works like a charm, with less than half the resistance of before.

With all 3 axes working I thought I'd fire up a small test program. This is a vb6 prog that sends pulses to the printer port, which go to a uln2803 directly to the steppers. With my current setup I can only control 2 motors, so I manually lowered the dremel tool into position and gave it a go:

It may be hard to see, but this is a tiny set of squares with some zigzags off to the side. Total size measures .5" x .75" It does need to be locked-down a little better (YZ arm tends to sway) but I suppose it aint bad for a first-timer. Max speed is about 1" every 5 seconds, using nema 17's (5.25" drive stepper motors) I wrote a quick+dirty program in vb6 to draw it.

I guess it's about time to start working on the extruder...

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Good job! It would be fun to see the circuit diagram for your printer port controller for your steppers. It would also be fun to see the VB6 code you've been referring to! :-)

A printer port driven stepper controller could be a great thing for newbies to have. With that they could get into designing and testing their xyz positioning system without going through all the drama of having to build up PIC boards. It might well make getting into making a reprap a lot easier for newcomers.
will do, plaas
Did I hear newbie?! That's good for me, I've never controlled anything from a computer. At least I've gained ground with the soldering iron.

Nice work BTW. Very cool to see simple shapes cut into a block of wood.
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