Sunday, October 15, 2006


Locking down Tommelise...

I finally managed to get out to Carmel Valley and brought back a good spirit level and carpenter's square. I had bought what I thought were a bunch of 1/4-20 bolts and I guess I did. When I set out to align the elevated x-axis, however, I discovered that I had only barely enough to do the job.

First, I had to get the gantry mounting the x-axis properly vertical. I cross-braced and bolted the vertical members.

After that I discovered that the x-axis guideway was somewhat warped from one side of the working surface to the other. That will entail bolting the x-axis gantry to the fibreboard working surface. I'm glad now that I bought 3/4 inch fibreboard for the working surface. :-)

After I'd got the x-axis gantry done it was a short jog to getting both the x-axis gantry and the y-axis stage locked down on the base plate.

There is a little residual warping in the gantry, but nothing I can't shim out.

I didn't have the mounting blocks for the y-axis stage square before so I am going to have to realign the guide blocks for the rails. That should be no big deal.

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