Monday, October 16, 2006


Biollante Grows

There is considerably more sliding on a heavy wooden structure than a light cardboard one, so I reinforced the joints with polymorph... melt it, slap it down on the magnet, let the nails pick their center points, let it cool and voila, magnetic needle bearings. It can reliably hold it's own weight now.

No luck on the motor-driven syringes, yet. As usual, everything takes more work than I imagine. I hooked up the syringes direct to test, and besides how sheerly uneven my platform is -- that's how far I had to adjust it from zero to get it flat -- it works. Things pivot smoothly with no shifting when hydraulic pistons extend.

This is fun to watch! :-D
This is fun, I am watching...

yeah, you're really sorta paving the way with this project. Keep up the good work.
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