Sunday, September 10, 2006


Weekend update Mothra

Looks like Mothra and Zach's Borg are almost neck-and-neck. Well here's the final update for work done this weekend.

X and Y motors are mounted (NEMA 17's) and appear to be good. I used Plaasjaapie's polymer coupling idea which worked quite well. Current accuracy is pretty bad, but the guide-rods are still unglued and swaying, so accuracy sways ~2mm sideways. A little work should clean that up and bring it back under .5 at least.

I am a bit concerned at the torque needed to pull the Z axis up and down. This might have to be gearmotored using Plaasjaapie's ongoing experiments. A nema 23 is out of the question.

Dremel tool is mounted for the time being, and I'm just barely starting work on the electronics.

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