Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Tommelise takes shape...

I'm beginning to get clear of the billable hours that I'd agreed to so that I have a little bit of time to think about Tommelise.

The first obstacle that I hit was the discovery that the GM8 gearmotor has mounting holes too small for any readily available bolt. Neither M3's or 3-48's are small enough to fit them so it looks like I have to get creative with ideas about how I mount the motor and encoder chip. At least I have a motor that otherwise makes that possible.

The first thing I had to do was bite the bullet and take down Godzilla.

I realised that having to do that was at least partially responsible for the fact that I hadn't done more work on Tommelise earlier.

Oddly, once I'd taken it down I completely lost any sentiment I had for it and started looking at it as a source of poplar and parts for Tommelise. Doing that should save me a bunch of trips to Orchard Supply.

After a lot of dithering I decided to go with the Reiyuki/Luberth/CNC approach.

I laid out a basic horizontal z-axis.

And then checked to see if the 12v GM8 would turn it.

It did with no effort whatsoever.

At this point I'm using c-clamps to hold things together. I haven't cut the 3/8ths inch threaded rod down to 2 feet yet and won't till I decide how I'm going to integrate the x/z-axes. Mind, I know what it supposed to look like from Lubreth and Reiyuki's models. Getting the clearances sorted out and the rest integrated is what I'm not completely clear on yet, though.

Looking at your setup here, it looks great.

One thought that just struck me is with your C-Clamp design. Is there any reason why you could not just put together the repstrap machine completely with a few Clamps? -- The idea being that the first thing you'd print with the machine is a real RepRap. Once you've printed that, there's no need to have the original machine anymore.

I suppose it would be nice to have something to look back on, and to sell to museums 30 years in the future.
Once you've printed that, there's no need to have the original machine anymore.

That's a pretty big feature of what I'm planning. I think that I will have to buy a piece of plywood, though, to bolt the base z-axis platform to so that I can also have something to bolt the x-y axes to as well. As I discovered with Godzilla, you have to design the reprap to the size of your table to be able to extensively use c-clamps.

Mind, c-clamps are probably the most useful thing in my toolbox. :-)
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