Thursday, September 21, 2006


Something new for the reprap builders...

Right now, communications at RepRap happens in three modes...
The SourceForge forum began when the email roundrobin began to generate too many posts in the developers' mailboxes. While the SourceForge forum has been useful I've found it limiting in a few ways. The most important of these are...
I've been participating in a tiny current affairs forum ( for years. For most of that time it used commercial forum support software. In March, however, Vlad switched over to an open source forum support system called phpBB 2.0. While I don't post at LandV too much since joining the RepRap effort I do glance over the postings from time to time. The point of all of this is that phpBB 2.0 seems to be quite a full-featured and robust system ... and it's free!

Anyhow, my son got our local server going again and I've reactivated my old boutique technology atlier domain,, again. Don't go there looking for anything just yet because I haven't got the site operational yet.

With a little luck my son will also be setting up phpBB 2.0 for me today or tomorrow. When that's operational I've thought of offering a phpBB 2.0 forum for all you RepRap builders to exchange information on as an experiment to see if it works better for them than what we currently have at SourceForge.

Adrian has agreed to link us up from the main RepRap website. Give us 4-5 days and it should be operational.

Sounds good, sourceforge doesn't seem to fit very well(need photos) with RepRap stuff, hence I orbit the blog more.

If everything could coalesce in one place that would be very good.
google has recently sourceforge-like service.
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